Prototype Injection Molding

Prototype Injection Molding

Why do you need prototype injection molding:

Prototype Injection Molding For Testing Material Durability:

When you want to test the durability and quality of your plastic product, it is the prototype injection molding that you go for. We at Sun Plast also manufacture prototype injection molding parts that create plastic parts that represent the quality of your final product.

We imbue care and precision while manufacturing our prototyping mold so that you get the exact idea of how your final product will look and should look like. Prototyping follows the same process of injection molding.

Low Volume Injection Molding For Small Parts:

Sunplast manufactures high-grade, low-volume injection molding parts with most high-quality for a variety of applications.

Our precision tested, and accuracy oriented machinery is built for manufacturing even the smallest and most detailed plastic part found in any application and across industries. Sun Plast has been manufacturing international grade and high standard custom plastic parts for low volume requirements.

Rapid Prototyping For Helping You Get An Idea.

Sun Plast is also involved in rapid injection molding for parts so that you get an idea of how your final finished product is supposed to look like. These prototypes are made from a plastic material that can quickly get a demonstration product.

Prototype injection molding helps you with:
  • Verification of design
  • Validation of design
  • Visualizing the product
  • Testing for form-fitting
  • Testing for product functionality
Following are the benefits of rapid injection molding:
  • To demonstrate your clients as well as investors model of your product.
  • To show the approximate dimensions of your product.
  • Design testing for your product.
  • Saves your money and time by helping you identify and eliminate flaws in design.

Quick Turn Injection Molding: The Fastest Way to Mold

This is the method whereby plastic raw materials are molded rapidly into plastic applications that are used in a variety of fields. This is where Sun Plast manufactures quick turn injection molding tools that reduce your tooling cost and helps to change mold easily.

Like our other plastic molding machinery, our quick turn injection molding tools are also built for precision and accuracy. We can assure you that all our machines deliver plastic parts as exact and as accurate as you want for your application/product.